Katy Perry Esquire August sexy

We may never get a full Katy Perry nude shoot that the Devil promised us when we sold our souls down by the crossroads, but at least her fiancee isn't preventing her from taking off her clothes in public. Sure, there are no nipples to speak of in any of her shoots, including this one for the August issue of Esquire, but her real breasts are so revelatory, it doesn't even matter.

Katy Perry Esquire August

Katy Perry Esquire boobs


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Commentarium (5 Comments)

Jun 25 10 - 2:10pm

She's a babe - she's a robobabe.

Jun 25 10 - 2:19pm

no nipples...at all maybe?

Jun 25 10 - 3:03pm

She is a very attractive woman. Brava for her effort. I love when we cast aside the bonds of puritanical society and life a little. Brava Madame brava

Jun 28 10 - 9:50am

Every time I see her, I can only think of her exclaiming, "I'm talkin' about zits here, people!"