Is This Shrek Toy From McDonald’s Saying a Slang Term For Vagina?

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I actually mean that question, because I swear to god the only thing I’m hearing is "pudding." That’s not a slang term for vagina, right? Either I’m not hip to the lingo, my hearing is shot, or these parents have an over-active and dirty imagination:

(Sidenote: those parents look so young! Babies having babies, I tell ya.)

While this might be perfectly in line with McDonald’s Shrek campaign so far ("Mint ogre-load", anyone?), how anyone can even tell that this toy is saying words is beyond me. Do you think maybe these parents just wanted to be on TV? While it was bleeped out above (seriously though, why?! WHAT WORD IS IT?), you can judge for yourself in this…frankly, kind of uncomfortable video clip:

Leave your best guesses about the word in the comments. (I’m still going with "pudding.")

Via Vulture.