R. Kelly Releases Official World Cup Anthem, Motivates the Hell out of Us

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R. Kelly releases World Cup Anthem

Feeling a little down in the dumps on this Friday afternoon? No worries, R. Kelly is about to inspire the shit out of you: The king of R&B released a video for his Official World Cup Anthem (another one?), "Sign Of A Victory:"

The video shows Kellz traveling around South Africa, being swarmed by fans, making people’s dreams come true, and singing this uplifting ballad atop a building in Johanasb – wait, that part is actually Chicago. But still, of all the World Cup songs so far (I’m looking at you, Weezer and Shakira) R. Kelly’s is by far the best. I mean just skip to 1:10 and there’s this sweet shot where Kelly sings "I can feel my wings riding the wind" and he’s on a roof, he’s got one foot up on the ledge, and his arms are spread out and a gust of wind blows back his scarf and it’s just like, damn! And like pretty much all R. Kelly songs, the bridge builds on itself until it explodes into the song’s awesome, final chorus.

Say what you will about how crazy/ridiculous R. Kelly is (he is very crazy/ridiculous), but he’s also kind of a genius. What’s great about "Sign Of A Victory" is how something so totally cheesy can still seem legitimate. It’s neither pandering, like Shakira’s "Waka Waka," nor are its cliches (and there are a lot of them) as cringe-inducing as Weezer’s "Represent."

Seriously, if this song doesn’t make you feel awesome, then I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe try watching Space Jam again.