Today Is the One-Year Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s Death

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My thoughts on Michael Jackson have always been rather complicated. On the one hand: awesome! On the other: if he actually did molest some children, he’s awful! Either way, you can’t deny that his own life was rather sad, all things considered, and that much of his strange public behavior as an adult probably sprang from his own lack of a childhood. (I am talking like I A) knew him very well and B) am a psychologist, both of which are patently untrue, so take all of that with the biggest grain of salt. Still, it sounds right, y/y?)

You also can’t deny that he made some insanely good music, and it’s still weird to think that he’s gone, even a year later. So I’m going to post the first Michael Jackson video I can remember seeing, "Black or White", which set the bar pretty high in 1991 for "Most ’90s Thing Ever":

Readers, what’s the first Michael Jackson video you remember seeing?