Watch US Soccer Player Benny Feilhaber Lip-Sync “No Air”

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This…might be one of my favorite things to have come out of the World Cup. Don’t get me wrong; I like soccer, I really do. It’s no American football, but it’s fun. (Yes, rest of the world, you are free to call me a dilettante. I will accept it.) But chances are the actual games I have watched will fade from my memory shortly after all this furor dies down. What won’t I forget? Well, vuvuzelas, for one. (Sadly.) But I also won’t forget Benny Feilhaber. In case you don’t know, he looks like this:

US soccer team play Benny Feilhaber

Yowza. I know we’ve all drooled over soccer players on this here blog before, but has Cristiano Ronaldo ever done something as random and adorably goofy and shirtless as this video?

(Obviously, if Cristiano Ronaldo has, please email me immediately at with all pertinent information.) But thank you, Benny. You’ve really given me something to treasure.

Via BestWeekEver.