While You Were Sleeping: Erotic Falconry

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Once again, David Letterman has tied Jay Leno in the late-night ratings, and Leno has slipped to below-or-at-Conan levels. Still think it was better to shell out millions to O’Brien, NBC?

Steve Martin’s tour rider is almost as ridiculous as Van Halen’s… but at least he’s kidding. Probably.

Do you feel the same way these daters do, that looks are "pass/fail"?

Some weirdo sent Ashley Greene his Bentley and Rolls Royce owners manuals (probably to impress her, methinks) to autograph and FedEx back.

Two words: erotic falconry. (Here’s another: WTF?)

Erin Andrews may have gotten through that terrible period of publicity about her stalker, spycam photos, and a closely-watched court case, but now ESPN might not even renew her contract.

And what do we think of letting first-graders take condoms home with them? It’s great that everyone sees condoms lying around from an early age and gets used to ’em, but what if these kids think it’s some kind of paste and eat the damn things?