Rumor: Justin Bieber’s Mom Planning To Pose Nude

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Pattie and Justin BieberPattie Lynn Malette. She’s the very young mother of the very young tween sensation Justin Bieber, and she’s understandably getting a lot of attention these days. So, it’s understandable that she’d want to pose for Playboy, just because she can attract huge dollars for that kind of thing (way more than the $50K idiot rumormongers are suggesting.)

Too bad it’s all bullshit.

Gossip Cop rated this internet rumor a zero, meaning there’s no chance in hell it came from anywhere legitimate, like Playboy or a Bieber handler. (Ew.)

An item from Zack Taylor’s site got picked up on outlets like The Frisky and hundreds of others. There was no evidence, of course, nor was there a single named source or a shred of common sense behind the topless Mallette talk. Just a fabricated “deal” figure ($50,000) and a reminder that Mallette might be a mother but is still a very young woman.

Of course, we didn’t fall for it, but you shouldn’t put it past us to keep this salacious rumor around, as a kind of petition to get Pattie to pose. (Not that we really care, we just want to see the look on Bieber’s face when everyone starts asking him if he’s seen his mom’s Playboy spread.)

Pattie Lynn Malette and Justin Bieber