While You Were Sleeping: Is Yawning A Sign Of Attraction?

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Oksana Grigorieva and Mel GibsonScanner PSA: you probably shouldn’t date this woman, who is accused of running over her boyfriend. (We’re pretty sure no one who’s seen her mugshot will ever want to date again, anyway.)

Americans now support homosexual partnerships, according to Gallup, at a rate of 50-43%.

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post rounded up a bunch of quotes from people responding negatively to Eliot Sptizer’s new CNN show, including a quote from Ashley Dupre in praise of Fox News.

Remember that whole Climategate non-scandal the right claimed proved all scientists, not just that one accused guy, were falsifying evidence of catastrophic climate change? Well, it’s bullshit.

Oh, this? No, I’m not yawning because I’m bored with your lifeless attempts at conversation, I’m just sexually attracted to you.

A group of women plan to stage a topless protest near Key West on the 4th of July, apparently on behalf of gender equality.

And Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend/mother-of-his-child/ex-mistress/alleged harasser says the actor-director abandoned her and treated her like a dog.