Australia Tries to Ban Ultra-Skinny and Excessively Muscular Models

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A very skinny model on the runway in lingerieAustralia’s Youth Minister (do we have one of those? If not, sounds like maybe we should get one) issued a statement the other day demanding that super-skinny women and ultra-muscular men never again be used to sell stuff. She’s called for removing the rapid weight loss and cosmetic surgery ads from magazines and has issued a mandate demanding that stores stock larger sizes. And, she sought to require that all ads that are photoshopped have a little explanatory box: "This model’s legs were lengthened by eighty-seven percent," or whatever.

It’s a world first in terms of regulating the fashion industry, a move akin to Surgeon General’s warnings on cigarettes and unhealthy food. However, whether it will work remains to be seen; right now, it’s not a legal requirement, just a request. But even if it becomes law, what’s going to happen to the Australian kids? Are they all going to get fat without super-skinny people to make them feel bad about themselves? Or will they turn into beautiful butterflies who love their healthy bodies? Is the fashion industry so global that it won’t make a difference?

No one knows, but we do often get so sick of all the crazy skinny people on TV and in magazines that we want to this:

Whew. Maybe we should just move to Australia. Do they have Internet there? Really?