Dumped Fiancee Sells “Bastard Brownies” Online

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A woman named "Meg" (not her real name, she says) has started an online brownie-making business (she sends them by two-day mail in vacuum-sealed bags) to help pay off the debts she says she’s been saddled with since her fiancee jilted her. She calls them "Bastard Brownies."

In February of 2010, shortly after Valentine’s Day, “Bob” broke up with me. I had found out that he had been cheating with the coffee barista down the street for 3 weeks (who, btw, was married with 2 young kids). Bob decided he wanted to start a life with her, and claimed he had been unhappy for some time. Since Bob never communicated with me, I was completely unaware at the time that anything was wrong.

I am not going to go into all of the horrific details on what this person put me through since the break-up (I am moving on with me life and, looking back, realize this was a huge blessing in disguise) however I can say as a result of him unexpectedly leaving me, I now obviously have a lot of financial issues which I’m trying to fix.

I am not the greatest cook, but I can bake some amazing home-made brownies! I am therefore starting a brownie campaign. I am hoping there are people out there that have either been through the same thing or are willing to support me in my efforts.

Check out her recipes — they’re even more amusing/angry:


The Signature “Bastard” Brownie

Chocolate chunks = His Heart of Coal

Walnuts = The small penis that I put up with for 6 ½ years!

Marshmallow = Mush.  How his life will ultimately end up

Caramel Topping = How easily he slipped away


Six-and-a-half years and he still hadn’t married you? Ladies, it’s one thing if you’ve decided not to get married, but if you’ve always been open to it and the guy waited that long to propose? That isn’t always a good sign. As numerous studies have shown, that often means that, for the guy, the relationship has fizzled and he’s looking for a way to save it. Just sayin’.

Back to the brownies — order ’em here.