The Socia Network

We hear the complaint, "All the best parts were in the trailer!" with virtually every movie. The Social Network (i.e. the Facebook movie) tried to side step this by not actually showing any scenes from a movie that everyone knows the entire story of anyway. Instead, we hear it! It's similar to how everyone complained that Zodiac had no resolution and was unfullfiling because we already know the ending. (There isn't one.) It will be like that, only not a good movie.

Commentarium (3 Comments)

Jun 28 10 - 1:58pm

it's times like these when you really start to miss Don LaFontaine

Jun 28 10 - 2:49pm

Zodiac was awful. I fell asleep half way through it.

Jun 28 10 - 3:43pm

As someone who is interested in internet culture and the ways in which it spreads, I still think this looks absolutely awful.