There Are Lots of Ways to Hit On Guys, But These Are All Pretty Awful

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Seriously, it is a wonder that anyone was ever able to date in the ’80s and early ’90s, given how clearly horrendous all the professional dating advice of the time was. For instance, this video. You can see how it started from a good place: ladies, it’s okay to be more aggressive when you like a guy! You don’t have to be passive all the time! That makes sense to me. But somewhere between the planning stage and implementation, things got a little… Fatal Attraction:

"No way are you gonna get out of this place alive!" "My work, my friends…nothing meant anything to me anymore." "How about the rest of your life?!" THEY WILL NOT BE IGNORED, POLO-SHIRTED MEN OF THE ’80S! Anyway, from what I can gather, the essential tricks to finding love are:

– Overt death threats.

– Veiled death threats.

– Hidden pain.

– Constant criticism.

– Pink and green pantsuits.

It’s amazing anyone from Generation Y was born at all.

Via the Frisky.