Mike Cox Is Running For Governor Of Michigan

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Mike Cox 2010 Campaign PosterYoung Boozer, Mr. Wang, Mike Hunt, and now Mike Cox joins the list of hilariously-named people in the news. Better yet, Mike Cox, like the gloriously-named Young Boozer, is a politican and, this year, the current Attorney General’s destination of choice is the Michigan Governor’s office. (Good luck making Detroit livable again, dude.)

"Four ways you can help Mike Cox now"? Volunteer for Mike Cox, give money to Mike Cox, put up pictures of Mike Cox around town — the list of things you can do for Mike Cox is endless.

Great quips on the link:

-This could be a setback for the Hugh Jass campaign.
-Mike Cox encourages a hands-on approach to relieving the stresses facing Michiganders. Mike Cox is hard on crime. Mike Cox bends to the right. Mike Cox is up to the job.

Bonus: Does anyone remember the post we did a year or two ago about the politician with the funny name which I can’t remember? I think he was running for office in Alabama or Arkansas. He had a white sign with red lettering and… well, that’s all I remember.