‘Rango’: The New Animated Western, Because It Had To Happen

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Johnny Depp

Reinventing the western is Hollywood’s favorite thing to do. After Back to the Future III and Brokeback twenty years later, where else can we go, Wild West?

You can animate it. It’s so simple, yet no one has done it. Maybe this is because westerns and violence go hand-in-hand, and an animated version of Deadwood would appeal to not one person. But check out Rango:

 Johnny Depp voices the chameleon – a delightful throwback to Fear and Loathing (lizards, hawaiian shirts) for the children. According to Timothy Olyphant voices "The Spirit of the West." That sounds right. Cute-looking story, great-looking animation, and hopefully less spirit-crushing (and spirit LIFTING) than Toy Story 3.

Via Vulture