Seriously, How Can Facebook’s “Mafia Wars” Become A Movie?

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The popular Facebook game Mafia Wars is being adapted into a movie.

Readers, we’ve talked a lot about truly terrible-sounding movie adaptations. Troll dolls. Monopoly. Magic 8 Ball. I know every time we’ve covered these abominations, you’ve probably thought to yourself, "It is probably time to burn Hollywood to the ground." I mean, the only solution is purifying fire, right? (Of course, one could say that it would be like trying to burn ashes: there’s no fuel left there.)

But you guys. You guyyyyyyyyyyys. Someone is going to adapt the Facebook game Mafia Wars for the big screen. I don’t even know what that means. Does Mafia Wars even have a plot? Is there any kernel of an idea there besides the word "mafia"? Do we need more than one movie that has anything to do with Facebook? (Answers: no, no, and not unless it involves zombies.)

As the source says, "details are scant." Which is probably a good thing for our collective sanity. But I figured since we’re already talking about movie adaptations, I would take a moment to pitch you a few of my own ideas. These are all things I would love to adapt for the screen:

– Sexy firemen calendars

 – The President

– Crime

– Fun

What do you think, guys? Sound like big hits?