Spike Lee To Direct A Straight-Forward Thriller

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Spike Lee

Well, it won’t be completely straight-forward because no thrillers today are allowed to be totally without frills. They have to happen inside of phone booths, or on busses, following the action of amnesiac spies or Clive Owen in general. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – it’s just upping the action ante in movies over time.

Some people don’t like how much moralizing Lee does in his movies – namely, how much of himself he puts in his movies. It’s what makes his better movies special, but it’s also responsible for some of the worst parts of his not-so-great films. ("Crack is bad. Thanks, The White Man!" – Jungle Fever.) And even if you belong to the latter group that thinks Spike Lee’s take on things is what makes his movies his own, we can all agree it gets heavy-handed at times (e.g., 25th Hour, and I was the only person in the world who liked that movie.)

But his soon-to-be project Nagasaki Deadline, a thriller everyone’s comparing to 24, sounds like the perfect mix of Lee. His last thriller Inside Man was the perfect amount of mind-fuckery, interesting bad guys, and constantly-shifting alliances that’s the order of good action movies today. It’s about American intelligence, terrorists, a race against the clock – all that. I’m sure it will have some token Lee lines about how hard it is to be a terrorist with a different skin tone, but someone else wrote it, which (sorry!) is promising.

Via The Guardian