The Sex Lives of Vampires

It's well recognized that, over the years, vampires have been responsible for some incredibly hot movie sex scenes - or, in the case of the Twilight saga, some incredibly hot people having no sex whatsoever. What's less well known is that the cabal of beautiful people who play movie vampires are part of a tightly-knit sexual web of their very own. Click below to enlarge [that's what she said]:

Image courtesy of our friends behind the book The Sex Degrees of Separation
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Commentarium (12 Comments)

Jun 29 10 - 7:29pm

From Gary Oldman to Anna Paquin in two easy steps!

Jun 30 10 - 12:54am
Chuck Claus

This is disturbing.

Jun 30 10 - 4:53am

excellent fap material

Jun 30 10 - 9:25am

This is made less relevant by ignoring the Blade films and television series. Because, you know, black vampires and white vampires don't have sex with one another, apparently.

Jun 30 10 - 2:54pm
Tommy Thrash

Why no caption under Josh Hartnett? 30 days of night anyone?

Jul 01 10 - 9:16am

Nick Knight should be in there too. I'm tired of seeing Forever Knight ignored! Moonlight too.

Jul 01 10 - 12:32pm

uma and mick? there's gotta be a zombie movie in the tale of that night!

Jul 02 10 - 6:03am

Joss harnet is not a Vampire in 30 days of night. And Blade doesn't count as vampire films (come on, solar protection?)

Jul 06 10 - 4:35pm

Those Twilight characters weren't even connected to anyone else.

Nov 09 10 - 5:49pm

are cool

Nov 09 10 - 5:52pm

are not cool

Nov 09 10 - 5:55pm

with the vampire shit