What Do You Consider Acceptable PDA?

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Public display of affection

"i hated PDA and thought it was nauseating until you kissed me under the streetlight."

That Dating Confession appeared on the Scanner sidebar (to your right and down a bit) last week and it got us thinking about a conversation we’d had with someone recently who basically said the same thing, "Every person who hates PDA is single… every person who hates PDA is in a relationship and gushes at seeing people who remind him or her of their own happiness." Does that make sense? Is it too simplistic? Do you have public displays of affection even when you’re in a relationship or, like us romantics, enjoy seeing it no matter what?

AskMen has a post about "Acceptable Public Displays Of Affection" and their list seems pretty balanced to us. What do you think?


PDA meter: Acceptable


PDA meter: Acceptable, within limits

Declarations of love

PDA meter: Unacceptable

Pet names

PDA meter: Unacceptable


PDA meter: Unacceptable

Space invasion

PDA meter: Acceptable, but tacky

Ass smacks

PDA meter:

Acceptable, but not advised

Read the full list with explanations here.