Canada Finally Does Something Better Than The US: Teen Sex

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Teen girls kissingTeens in Canada are moving in the right direction regarding sex, according to parents. In other words, they’re waiting longer to lose their virginity and practicing safer sex.

A researcher at the University of British Columbia polled teens about their love lives and found:

Of those teens who are having sex, between 82 and 90 per cent use contraceptives and as many as one-third of them combine two different kinds of contraceptives for increased protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, [Elizabeth] Saewyc said.

"Services and cost are big factors for a lot of people," [nurse Kathy] Dunn said after the presentation. She said contraceptives are becoming increasingly easy to access, and many of the services offered by sexual health clinics are free.

Hear that America? For the fiftieth and final time, abstinence isn’t the answer… and universal healthcare (somewhat) is.