Go Paraguay! Larissa Riquelme Supports Her Team With Topless Photos

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Larisa Riquelme 01

Could a busty topless model end up being the deciding factor in Paraguay’s otherwise longshot World Cup victory? Fake-breasted Larissa Riquelme, who is the most visible (and unavoidable) cheerleader for her team, has promised to continue placing her cell phone in her cleavage if her team keeps winning… and to parade through the streets naked if they take home the (booby?) prize.

Now, she’s given her boys a taste of what they could see in person, with a heavily-airbrushed and topless photo shoot for Extreme Man [i.e. Hombre Extremo] magazine.

Larissa Riquelme sexy

Larissa Riquelme sexy

Larissa Riquelme topless butt shot

Larissa Riquelme topless

Larissa Riquelme topless shoot

Larissa Riquelme nude