I Can’t Watch the Trailer For “Paranormal Activity 2”

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Sorry, I just can’t. And I like horror movies! All I can say is that something about Paranormal Activity spoke to something in my subconscious that probably has to do with childhood or the reptile brain or something because that movie freaked me the fuck out. So I can’t watch this trailer along with you:

But I’ve heard that it involves a baby? I don’t like that at all. Evil babies are bad, but good babies in trouble are the worst. What happens, you guys? Someone tell me. I can take it, I’m an adult.

…Wait, actually, no. Please don’t tell me. I need to sleep tonight. I’m just going to pretend that the Paranormal Activity 2 trailer was actually just this picture with the theme song from Benny Hill playing in the background:

There. Much better.