Image of the Day: Sen. Al Franken Sketches Sen. Jeff Sessions During Kagan Hearing

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Who knew Al Franken was such a multi-talented man? As a doodler myself, I have to say this is aces; I love seeing people who are big and important act just like everyone else who has a job. In the middle of Elena Kagan’s confirmation hearings, Sen. Franken was caught drawing his colleague Sen. Sessions. It’s not a bad attempt:

For reference, here is Sessions:

I was going to look around and find some other Things Al Franken Could Have Been Drawing (as we bloggers are wont to do), but I actually couldn’t find a likeness in many other places; just two. The first is the former voice of Piglet, John Fiedler:

The second is literally any result for the Google image search of the word "snooty." (Okay, maybe not this one.)

Via Huffington Post.