Is This Male Model In Vogue Hommes Actually Lady Gaga?

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All indications point to "yes." (Indications include: his (but really her) face, and also my eyes which are working.) All this week, Lady Gaga’s stylist and Perez Hilton have been leaking photos from a Vogue Hommes Japan of this "mysterious" male model whom they are calling Jo Calderone. I guess the idea is to build up anticipation for the big reveal, but I have to say it seemed pretty obvious to me that this dude was actually Gaga. I mean, look at these:

Lady Gaga as a man for Vogue Hommes Japan

And then look at any picture of Gaga when she’s not super glammed out. Like this one, when she’s more "mall glamor shots" glammed out:

The face is pretty clearly the same. (Of course, wouldn’t it suck to be an up-and-coming male model and have everyone look at your first big photoshoot and say, "Oh, look, it’s Lady Gaga"? I think that would probably suck.) You may hate her or her music, but if it really is her, you have to give her credit for one thing: girl does not care about continuing rumors she actually has a penis.