New Zealand’s Undie 500 Half-Nekkid Car Rally Going Ahead As Planned

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Undie 500 runThere may be a God after all.

The Undie 500 race, New Zealand’s student-led answer to NASCAR and Death Race 2000, "marred by violence and drunkenness over the past four years," is on for mid-September in Marlborough. 

After the negative publicity and arrests in last year’s finish line party in Dunedin, it looked like the car race portion of the event might have to be scrapped for fear of accidental collisions and deaths. But a fun-loving couple have stepped up to host and the race… is on!

Also, more weirdness in this story:

"We thought someone had to help the boys. I don’t think any event here would resemble what happened in Dunedin.

"I don’t see how having a concert in a country venue would produce similar circumstances. The environment in Dunedin is unique – it’s a student ghetto. It’s very cold, and they need to light fires."

Mrs Redwood said she would have no problem if the students set a couch on fire. "There’s no fire ban here." []

Party on, dudes.

Undie 500 2

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Noah's ark Undie 500

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