We Have A Flying Car, You Guys!

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A Flying Car

Holy shit, when did this happen? You know that point some people make about how slow we are as a society, often evidenced by the dumb, overused remark, "I thought there’d be flying cars by now!" (Laughter, everywhere.)

There is a flying car and no one told anyone about it. Well, the manufacturer did try to tell people about it – by making an infomercial for the newest, most amazing invention and shooting it on a camcorder from 1932. 1932! Perhaps I am too amazed by vehicles of flight, but this is the world’s collective dream (second only to stopping third world people from starving to death, every day) coming true.

I can’t believe this actually has permission to be sold, considering the dearth of Flying Your Fucking Car In The Air laws. But it’s only $194,000. Why don’t you not get your genome sequenced four times and buy this car?

Via The Awl