20 Hot Canadians Off the Top of My Head

Guys, it's Canada Day! And we all know that Canada's main exports are maple syrup, hockey, cold air, and attractive people. So, in honor of... um... (Excuse me while I run to Wikipedia.) So, in honor of the Constitution Act of 1867, here are some prime examples of our neighbors to the north!

1. Malin Akerman

2. Grace Park

3. Ryan Gosling

4. Rachel McAdams

5. Sean Avery

6. Ellen Page

7. Drake

8. Kim Cattrall

9. Sarah Polley

10. Aaron Ashmore

11. Shawn Ashmore

12. Nelly Furtado

13. Mia Kirschner

14. Ryan Reynolds

15. Sarah Chalke

16. Elisha Cuthbert

17. Cobie Smulders

18. Cory Monteith

19. Taylor Kitsch

20. Tricia Helfer

Readers, these were just people I remembered for one reason or another were both Canadian and hot. I'm sure you all have your favorite hot Canadians as well, so please let everyone know who they are in the comments.

Commentarium (31 Comments)

Jul 01 10 - 1:09pm

I didn't know that half of these people were Canadians. Yea for Canada Day!!

Jul 01 10 - 1:10pm

Sarah Polley has featured in at least one of every Canadian boys' wet dreams.

Jul 01 10 - 1:11pm

I'm Canadian! I'm hot. I pick me.

Jul 01 10 - 1:23pm

I agree with this list... i would agree with it even more if i had even the slightest chance with any of these wonderful women

Jul 01 10 - 1:29pm

Am I alone in thinking Alanis is hot as hell?

Jul 01 10 - 1:51pm

let's sub out sean avery and sub in mike fisher, shall we?

Jul 01 10 - 2:12pm

Shania Twain??

Pamela Anderson can sometimes look hot...if the lighting is right...

Jul 01 10 - 2:22pm
Renata, Canadian

Maple syrup. M-A-P-L-E. Also Ryan Gosling should be #1.

Jul 01 10 - 2:43pm

whoa, i'd renounce my american citizenship for sarah polley. btw, who is sarah polley?

Jul 01 10 - 5:51pm

I cannot look at Drake without thinking of Degrassi. I apologize.

Jul 01 10 - 5:56pm

The first movie I saw Ellen Page in was "Hard Candy" so I am a little afraid to think of her as Hot. And Kudos to Battlestar Galactica for featuring multiple copies of not one, but two of the Canadian Hotties: Grace Park and Tricia Helfer in many many episodes.

Jul 01 10 - 9:55pm

Really? People think Drake is attractive? He looks like an aged mongoloid.

Jul 01 10 - 10:34pm

You have Kim Cattrall but no Avril? Someone has shit taste.

Jul 02 10 - 4:09am

Canadians are all hot (well not Sean Avery, Ellen Page, Sarah Polley, or Drake), but other than this semi shit list, they are all hot...similar to Brazil. Here in America we are just a bunch of fatties. Time to put down the burgers and get to the gym, or outside, or up and down the stairs...or at least just shift positions on the couch every hour or so.

Jul 02 10 - 5:02am

akerman actually swede

Jul 02 10 - 8:38am

Kim Catrall's scouse.

Jul 02 10 - 11:27am

forgot Michael Buble!

Jul 02 10 - 11:49am

Kim Catrall is from England....

Jul 02 10 - 12:25pm

@Anon, Cattrall actually spent more of her life living in Canada than in England (though she was born there), so I'm going to count her.

Jul 02 10 - 1:41pm

Good list! You could include Edison Chen too. Yeah, he might be a perv, but he (was) still one of the biggest stars in Hong Kong (born in Van).

Jul 02 10 - 6:21pm

Misa Campo isn't even on the list?

Jesus. Should be #1 too.

Jul 02 10 - 6:33pm

Mind that two of the "hot Canad[iennes]" were also major characters in Battlestar Galactica! Talk about a geek's wet dream...

Jul 02 10 - 11:57pm
Steve McCall

What about Amanda Crew!!! Her new movie with Zac Effron is going to put her on every Canadian and American mans mind!

Jul 03 10 - 3:32am

i vote for william shatner and wayne gretzky :)

Jul 04 10 - 12:45pm

I would also like to add Erica Durance and Lee Rumohr

Jul 04 10 - 10:09pm

i vote for anna paquin

Jul 05 10 - 12:23pm

No Nathan Fillion?

Jul 13 10 - 8:23am

sean avery should be off the list based solely on personality--known fairly unanimously as the NHL's biggest d-bag. i'd like to add pam anderson and neve campbell to the list.

Jul 13 10 - 8:24am

and superdrag, sara polley's a movie director. she makes insanely dull movies. and find a picture of her mouth open and you'll change your mind about her. :\

Jul 14 11 - 6:21pm

sean avery? he's not even the hottest canadian in the NHL, let alone top 20 canadians. sidney crosby, jonathan toews, the staal brothers and TONS more are way hotter.

Dec 15 11 - 7:03pm

how come no one ever remembers Lights?