20 Hot Canadians Off the Top of My Head

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Guys, it’s Canada Day! And we all know that Canada’s main exports are maple syrup, hockey, cold air, and attractive people. So, in honor of… um… (Excuse me while I run to Wikipedia.) So, in honor of the Constitution Act of 1867, here are some prime examples of our neighbors to the north!

1. Malin Akerman

2. Grace Park

3. Ryan Gosling

4. Rachel McAdams

5. Sean Avery

6. Ellen Page

7. Drake

8. Kim Cattrall

9. Sarah Polley

10. Aaron Ashmore

11. Shawn Ashmore

12. Nelly Furtado

13. Mia Kirschner

14. Ryan Reynolds

15. Sarah Chalke

16. Elisha Cuthbert

17. Cobie Smulders

18. Cory Monteith

19. Taylor Kitsch

20. Tricia Helfer

Readers, these were just people I remembered for one reason or another were both Canadian and hot. I’m sure you all have your favorite hot Canadians as well, so please let everyone know who they are in the comments.