Killer Hangs Out With The Body For A Few Days, His Trial Starts Today

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Anthony Hopkins In Silence Of The Lambs

But this was no Weekend of Bernie where the killer puts sunglasses and a fedora on the body, then hang out with it at high society dinner parties. (I am sorry, I am so, so sorry.)

An artist with a coke problem choked his female date to death in 2007 in his Chinatown apartment after he and the woman had a fight. He kept the body in his bed for days while "he accessed web sites on how to preserve a dead body … and visited sadomasochistic web sites."

Oh, and,  "[the killer’s] mother ended up finding the body in his bed under garbage." He tried to hide her body under garbage? Was his mom the one that turned him in? Did he think she would be cool with it?

His trial began yesterday.

Awful things this reminds me of:

  • When Barton Fink finds the body of a dead woman in his bed and John Goodman helps him dispose of it.
  • Silence of the Lambs, just because.
  • The end of Shutter Island (spoiler) when Leo lines up all his dead children up in a row
  • Basically every movie about a murder with a twisted follow-up, because people are monsters
  • Monsters.

Via Gothamist