Naked Babe on Google Street View

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naked baby on google street view
No, really, a babe. Google Street View caught this lewd three-year-old stalking the yards of Walkden, England. But, as well all know, behind every naked baby is a stern mom, and this case is no different: 

Clare Rowlan, less than thrilled, is scolding Google for publishing the toddler’s tuchus. And while ninety-nine times out of one hundred we will side against a group of dudes in a van taking pictures of young, naked children, this is the one time that we think it’s just kind of adorable. Sorry, Clare Rowland, we know that you British people have some serious Big Brother issues, but if 1984 had just been about cute baby butts, well, then there’d be nothing to worry about.

Or if you’re so prim and proper, perhaps you shouldn’t let your kid get naked in the front yard in the first place?