Video: Trailer For “Let Me In”, the American Remake of “Let the Right One In”

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You know, for a long time I just couldn’t bring myself to complain about the vampire trend for one very important reason: I think vampires are kick-ass. Why would I complain about people making more things about vampires? Sure, some are good and some are bad, but that’s just the nature of artistic endeavor. But still, vampires! Vampires. Vampiresssssssssssz.

So when the American remake of the (awesome) Swedish horror film Let the Right One In was announced, I wasn’t thrilled, but I wasn’t rending my garments. But today, after reading a million things about the new Twilight movie and reading about that woman who got into a car crash because of a "vampire" in the road, I watched the trailer:

And you know what? I just can’t anymore. There are some legitimate concerns I have about what I just saw, but mostly, I am just overstuffed with vampires. Take these vampires away now; I am no longer hungry.

Via Videogum.