What Do We Think About… Break Up Gifts?

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Bad breakups

Look, I love our friends at YourTango* (*they paid me to say that), but I have to wonder about this whole idea of Break-Up Gifts.

It seems that they’re trying to make the idea of giving someone you’ve just dumped a going-away present socially acceptable. I’ve always thought the best way to break up with someone is to say the minimum of what needs to be said and then give the other person a great degree of space in which to go through the whole spectrum of depression (the denial-anger-transformation thing.) Handing over a CD by their favorite band, the White Stripes, will probably just make them hate their favorite band, the White Stripes.

Actually, YourTango stumbled on a story from Taiwan, where a professor asked his students to imagine the idea and see if something positive could come from it. They came up with this:

Black and white T-shirts with slogans to boost self-esteem, like "I’m a good man," personalized tissues reading "You cry, I die," and boxes of assorted "break-up chocolates."

So, they must be kidding, right? No one, not even Jon Gosselin, would give his girlfriend personalized tissues that read "You cry, I die."