Mad Men Yourself 2.0 Is a New Way to Waste Time

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Let’s be honest for a second: It’s the Friday right before a three-day weekend, a weekend that come next Tuesday will be a haze of hot dogs, alcohol, fireworks, and more alcohol. In other words, is it time to go home yet?

Luckily for everyone’s productivity, the good people over at AMC have brought back the amazing “Mad Men Yourself,” an avatar-creator that lets you hang out with Don and Roger and Betty and Pete and Peggy – just like you always dreamed. And the best part is “Mad Men Yourself 2.0” is even better than the original. It has more drinking — beer, long island ice tea, whiskey on the rocks, a martini, a bloody marry, and something with a tiny umbrella in it — more ties, more bow ties, and, you guessed it, more guns! Remember the gun that Pete bought after his manhood was insulted because Trudy made him return that stupid chip-and-dip? Well now it can be yours:

Here I am holding a gun with the boys from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce:
Mad Men Yourself Image

Here I am holding a gun and rejecting the “Are You A Marilyn Or A Jackie” ad campaign

Here I am holding a gun in Rome while Don offers me a light.
Image from Mad Men Yourself game

Here I am serenading Peggy and Joan because, well, you know…
Image from Mad Men yourself game

And here I am again holding a gun on an airplane. Don’t you miss the ’60s?
Image from Mad Men Yourself

Jesus. Is it five o’clock yet?