This Is The Vodka Ad Deemed Too Sexy To Run In Brooklyn Buses

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Well, sort of. More specifically it was deemed "too sexy to appear on buses that run through mostly Hasidic communities in Brooklyn", but with all those details and larger implications and things, this story gets so much less sexy, don’t you think? All things considered, this is not the most shocking (or titillating) ad I’ve ever seen:

Banned Georgi vodka ad deemed "too sexy" by MTA.

But Georgi’s not going to take this one lying down! This is what spokesperson Todd Shapiro had to say:

“We’re very upset about the censorship. We had about 50 girls pointing their backsides at the MTA as part of the protest, basically telling them to ‘butt’ out. The government should not be acting in a role of judging where an ad goes based on religious beliefs.  The MTA has no place in segregating areas; it should be all or nothing.”

Don’t worry, we do have a picture of this:

I am sure MTA employees are really going to want to get those sexy ladies away from their convenient location outside of their office! Just like how I was so happy to hear that the Hollister in SoHo was shut down due to bedbugs and would no longer have those male models without shirts on outside their store. Such a relief.

Via AdFreak.