Video: Spend Independence Day In the Hospital With These Fireworks Safety Tips

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Ah, fireworks. It really is amazing we sell them in stores for children to play with, and for adults who have been drinking so much they will act like children. They are basically tiny, colorful bombs. And sometimes they’re not even that colorful!

I never really got my hands on anything more powerful than a sparkler as a child (hence, why I still have hands, since I was a clumsy tot), but I was well aware of the myriad ways in which they could be used for evil. Most of which are outlined in this video on fireworks safety from Back of the Class:

Remember, everyone: those brave soldiers in the Revolutionary War probably lost a limb here or there to gain independence. It would be disrespectful for you to get through the 4th of July without doing the same, I would say.

Via Buzzfeed.