Dad: “Your Mom’s Getting A Boob Job, So Boob Jobs For All My Kids!”

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Higleys all have implantsThis mother and two daughters team got boob jobs because, as the Mirror put it, "they do everything together." (We normally consider "boob jobs" something we don’t have to do with our parents — and let’s hope they have sex in separate bedrooms. Sheesh.

“We’re a really close family, so having boob jobs together seemed the most natural thing in the world,” says Harriett, 21 [left.]

“I remember when Mum had hers done, I was so jealous. I just wanted mine to look the same.” Mum Deborah increased her cup size from a 32A to a D five years ago, with both daughters following suit this year.

“I’d inherited her flat chest and hated my tiny 32A boobs… Mum was really sympathetic. She understood what it was like to have a hang-up about your body and tried to cheer me up when I got ­upset.

Dad may have paid the ten big ones for these phony big ones, but the Higley family ain’t got nothin’ on the Marshall family.