Three Alternative Sounds For Electric Cars

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Hybrid Car

Despite all the benefits of hybrids and electric cars, they still pose a safety problem: they make very little sound. It’s great for you, the driver, but not as great for pedestrians who can’t hear your car as it careens up the block. (Please stop driving like that.)

Researchers are thinking of adding an artificial engine sound, which is fine, but it’s a little like having that canned old-timey telephone ring for your cell phone. Get creative, peoples! You could always go with: 

1. "Sound of Da Police" by KRS-One

Not because people will think that the actual police is coming. That’s crazy, everyone knows this song. It’s because when you hear this song pumping from a car stereo and getting closer, you know to get the fuck out the street.

2. The House Theme Song

In addition to being a pretty great Massive Attack single, it’s also the House theme song. Whichever you prefer – band or show- it may save your life.

Scenario A: Who’s playing Massive Attack? Oh, that car driving by! Excellent taste. Also, I’m glad I didn’t cross that street just then.

Scenario B: Shit, am I missing House? I am going to stop laying down on the road and go watch it.

3. The sound of a Lamborghini engine revving

Ok, fine. If you want to make your super sweet electric/hybrid engine into some sort of noisy clown version of another car, why not make that other car a Lamborghini?