‘Daily Show’ Women Address Jezebel Really, Really Thoroughly

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Daily Show Players

It must be equal parts vindicating and embarrassing that every female staffer on TDS turned their attention to Jezebel, to tell them they were wrong. Look! They even got together for a photo-op to express how wrong Jezebel was.

A couple weeks ago the feminist blog ran a piece decrying the show's lack of female perspective, and how Olivia Munn is just too pretty.

Surprisingly, the women of TDS fired back. A clip:

If you think the only women who help create this show are a couple of female writers and correspondents, you're dismissing the vast majority of us. Actually, we make up 40% of the staff, and we're not all shoved into the party-planning department (although we do run that, and we throw some kick-ass parties). We are co-executive producers, supervising producers, senior producers, segment producers, coordinating field producers, associate producers, editors, writers, correspondents, talent coordinators, production coordinators, researchers, makeup artists, the entire accounting and audience departments, production assistants, crew members, and much more.

And because you want to know what it takes to get a joke on air:

When it comes to what makes it onto the show, competing ideas aren't just hashed out between the faces you see on camera or the names that roll under the "writers" credits. Jokes and concepts come from our studio department, our field department, our graphics department, our production department, our intern department, and our control room. Jon's rule is: the strongest idea and the funniest joke win every single time, no matter who pitches it–woman or man, executive producer or production assistant.

All in all, a measured and decent reply from the TDS women. They didn't have to respond to Jezebel (like, at all) and everything would have remained exactly the same; the world still turns and everyone is still sexist, including smart women who write ceaselessly about sexism. Sexism: you can accuse anyone of it, except The Daily Show.

Via Videogum