Kendra Wilkinson Goes Full TMI On Hugh Hefner’s Sex Life

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Kendra Wilkinson sexy

Kendra Wilkinson’s new tell-all book might be worth keeping around for posterity, based solely on its title, "Sliding Into Home." Sure, that old euphemism for female masturbation (and, in my mind, getting it on in general) has been around for centuries, but it’s not like she’s a baseball player or anything. She simply titled her book after the act of self-pleasure for no reason other than the fact that she could.

Her sexuality, of course, continues to be discussed in detail throughout the book, though no more memorably than in this passage from one of her first visits to the Playboy Mansion:

"One of the girls asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to Hef’s room. In my head I could hear my mom’s voice, ‘You know they have orgies there.’ I said ‘Okay, if I have to.’ It seemed like every other girl was going and if I didn’t it would be weird. One by one, each girl hopped on Hef and had sex with him for about a minute. I studied their every move. Then it was my turn, it was very weird. I wasn’t thinking about how much older Hef was, all the body parts worked the same. I wanted to be there."

I have a couple of questions that I won’t bother asking here, all of which would just probably result in the answer: "You don’t want to know."