Lindsay Lohan Just Doesn’t Get How This Whole Thing Works

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By "this whole thing" I mean, like, life. More specifically, the things one must do in life in order to avoid being sentenced to ninety days in jail. Which she was, today, for driving under the influences (those being alcohol and cocaine) and then violating her probation.

Here’s the thing: I actually like Lindsay Lohan. I mean, not much at the moment, but for some reason, I find myself rooting for her. Maybe it’s because she was so good in Mean Girls. (Seriously, go watch it again.) Or maybe it’s because she’s one of the few young, female celebrities whose bisexuality doesn’t seem like a desperate grasp at publicity, considering how long and ugly her relationship with Sam Ronson was. I don’t know why, but I still feel like she can come back to her former glory. Which is why I say this next thing with love.

Lindsay, this is a fucking stupid thing to do at your sentencing:

So. Fucking. Dumb.

Jesus Christ, Lindsay! What is wrong with you? Did you think no one would notice your little message? Because everyone noticed. Because you’re famous, still! Did you think this would help you? Inspire leniency in the judge? YOU ARE MAKING ME SOUND LIKE MY MOTHER.

Anyway, I just think she doesn’t get it. I might have to give up on her. Sorry, Lindsay.

Via HuffingtonPost.