Not-For-Profit Lemonade Stand: The Source of U.S. Economic Woes?

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Lemonade Stand cute picture two girls

Terry Savage, a financial expert, loves young entrepreneurs. Whenever she sees the youngin’s  slinging lemonade or baked goods or homemade crafts, she pulls right over and supports the capitalists-in-training. One could also imagine her offering tips for the streamlining and optimization of the business, using words like venture capital, leading to confusion and anxiousness on the part of children just trying to make a few pennies or to find something to do on an otherwise boring day.

But, this week, Savage was appalled. She found herself attempting to pay for a cool beverage from a road-side lemonade stand on a hot day and, to her horror, was told that the lemonade was free. Savage tried to explain the logistics of the lemonade stand to the kids — about making back the cost of materials and turning a profit. The children and their nanny were uninterested. Obviously, Savage concludes, this is what’s wrong with U.S. economics. Children have not learned to seek strangers’ money for small cups of what is probably shitty Country-Time-from-powder lemonade. They just want to hydrate others.

"If we can’t teach our kids the basics of running a lemonade stand, how can we ever teach Congress the basics of economics?" Savage asks.

Perhaps our children and congressmen just need to play a rousing game of Lemonade Tycoon. Or perhaps Savage should just sit back and be grateful that life gave her lemonade instead of lemons.