Apple-Users-Only Dating Site Launches With 22,000 Users

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Cupidtino, the dating site geared toward users of Apple products, launched on June 7th with a whopping 22,000 users, with 62% of them in the U.S. Of course, that number is a pathetic joke in comparison to old standbys (Nerve!), but rather solid for a fee-based service (free to sign up, $4.79 to actually contact anyone.) I spoke to one of the founders, Mel Sampat, about the site;

"Apple fans (like myself) are incredibly passionate and loyal to their technology choices. Most of them are proud of their gear and enjoy showing it off, as opposed to Windows users who (generally) use whatever is most affordable or practical. If you can show off your gear and discuss it with your sweetie, it immediately creates a very strong bond and makes for very interesting conversations (at least initially).

"It’s still kind of possible to make some generalizations about Mac users – such as them being in creative professions like photography, design, film and art. If you’re looking to date someone like that, your odds are higher when you filter by OS…."

I asked Sampat if the site would be focused entirely around Mac-related content — in other words, whether all the profile questions would be about Apple. He said no and clarified that the site is just like a regular dating site, only without "a zillion cliche questions like the ones you find on eHarmony."

Check it out here.