Video: Brush Up On Your Sexy Sexism With a Montage of Every ‘Mad Men’ Pickup Line

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Sexism! It’s just everywhere today, what with the whole Daily Show and Jezebel spat. That’s all about the boring, un-sexy kind of sexism though. So lame. Instead, why not watch this montage of Mad Men seductions, straight from those halcyon days when you (you being a white man, of course) could basically say, "Woman: you are dumb, sleep with me now," and be in like Flynn.

It’s also good to remember that there’s no problem that can’t be solved by an aggressive finger bang. (Take note, blog editor.)

Pictured: payment-per-blog-post negotiations.

And if that video wasn’t enough to relight your burning desire for more Mad Men, here’s a recently released promo photo, with a surprise appearance by that hottie Ken Cosgrove. (Also there: that hottie Don Draper. And that hottie Joan Holloway. And that hottie… okay, you get the picture.)

So, can AMC just please start running episodes immediately and forever? Because I think I might set myself on fire in anticipation.

Via Vulture.