Video: Louis C.K.’s New Show Has a Teaching Moment

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You guys, it is so hot out. As someone who has no AC, I’m not even sure how I’m moving. How do animals, like, live? They don’t even have fans! Or even thumbs to work those fans. I guess monkeys, conceivably… Oh jeez. My mind is on this level right now:

But if you’re still able to claim the status of "high-functioning organism", then you should watch this clip from Louis C.K.’s new show, Louie. Some people seem to think it’s too pedantic, but I think it’s a well handled and funny conversation about an extremely touchy subject. (Again, though: my mind = cat with magical powers).

What do you think, readers? Swing and a miss? Or spot on?

(Also of note: that’s not actually the etymology of that word. More likely is that "faggot" meaning a bundle of sticks became a term for a wife or a woman — you know, because they’re burdens! — and then eventually came to refer to a male homosexual. What do you know, maybe I’m not all kitten magicians today after all.)

Via Videogum.