Here’s A Brilliant Idea: Let’s Get Married At Taco F-ing Bell

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Waffle House weddingOver the years, we’ve alerted you to some pretty heinous-sounding weddings, including ones at a Waffle House and another at McDonald’s. Why don’t people just get married in Vegas? Even that would be more respectable than at a NASCAR race or, gulp, TJ Maxx:

The shops range from T.J. Maxx to Taco Bell, and they all combine the couple’s love for a brand with a desire to have a wedding with a personal twist, says Rebecca Dolgin, executive editor of

"Brides are obsessed with making their wedding different from anyone else’s," she says.

Dolgin is not fucking kidding. USA Today lists Cold Stone Creamery, Home Depot and Taco Bell are just three of the "retail" destinations these bizarre people have chosen to enter into a serious contract like a marriage. Somebody should really do a study of these retail weddings in five years and find out how many end in divorce, prison and sixteen kids. I’m kidding — these are the kinds of people who stay together for forty years while the rest keep wondering what we’re doing wrong.