James Cameron Will Not Let You Get Away Without Seeing ‘Avatar’

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James Cameron

When something goes well, you do it again. And again. And you keep replicating this process until the tiny spark of luck and magic that – for whatever reason – made your original project successful, is dampened by the evil blanket of mass production and a complete disregard for the creative process. (This is how I felt about the Legally Blonde trilogy.)

In related news, James Cameron casts off his indie cred in favor of re-releasing Avatar in theatres in late August, with eight extra minutes of unseen footage. Says the man:

"Audiences repeatedly told me they wanted more of Pandora, and wished they could have stayed there longer. So we’re making that possible. ‘Avatar: Special Edition’ will be exclusively in 3D, and will have eight minutes of never before seen footage, including new creatures and action scenes. Whether you already love the movie, or you’ve never seen it, with this special edition, you’ll be seeing it like never before."

More Pandora. MORE PANDORA, James Cameron. (No one said that.)

Via Vulture