Sarah Palin Releases Surprisingly Convincing “Mama Grizzlies” Video

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Sarah palin with a grizzly bear pelt in her office

And it’s not nearly as cool as we thought it would be. Ok, actually, we had no idea what it’d be, but when a bunch of sites started tantalizing us with a video titled "Mama Grizzlies," we frantically hit the play button hoping for babes, wearing, like, bear pelts or something. Instead, we found a campaign-style video made by Sarah PAC. 

So what are Mama Grizzlies? Sounds like Palin doesn’t even know: "It seems like it’s kind of a mom-awakening in the last year-and-a-half," she says in the video, completely ignoring moms who wake up every other hour because babies cry and scream all night because they are babies and have nothing else to do with their time. "Because moms kinda just know when something’s wrong," she added, (sounding like an impression of Tina Fey doing an impression of Palin).

There aren’t a lot of "moms" writing for Scanner, and fewer Palin sympathizers (ok, none of either). And yet, this video is unwittingly, terrifyingly convicing. The music? The soft focus lens? The "season finale of Grey’s Anatomy" vibe? Damn. Like, we want to go out, grab all the cubs we can find, take them to the nearest monument, and just holler some "common sense solutions," whatever those are. And we hate Sarah Palin.

In Grizzly Mama-in-Chief’s words, "Look out, Washington" No, really, look out. Because this is really happening.