Your Ex Is Like Crack

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hooking up with your exWhy is it that we still pine after exes, even the ones who we weren’t crazy about the first time around?

A new study indicates that romance is equal to crack addiction… and probably even harder to kick.

The researchers found that, for heartbroken men and women, looking at photographs of former partners activated regions in the brain associated with rewards, addiction cravings, control of emotions, feelings of attachment and physical pain and distress.

The results provide insight into why it might be hard for some people to get over a break up, and why, in some cases, people are driven to commit extreme behaviors, such as stalking and homicide, after losing love.

"Romantic love is an addiction," said study author Helen E. Fisher, a biological anthropologist at Rutgers University who studies love. "It’s a very powerfully wonderful addiction when things are going well and a perfectly horrible addiction when things are going poorly," she said.

Cue the Roxy Music track. "Love is the drug and I need to score…"