Is There Anyone In the ‘X-Men: First Class” Cast We Don’t Want To Sleep With?

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The casting news for this movie has reached a point where I really think we need to talk about this. X-Men: First Class, which could either end up like X-Men: The Gossip Girl Years or X-Men: We’re Sorry About That Last One depending on its execution, has recently been finalizing its cast, and… you guys. I know movies are almost exclusively populated by attractive people, but seldom have so many of the attractive people also been actors we love. Like, their names are written on our Trapper-Keeper. Check this shit out:

As Charles Xavier, James McAvoy

As Magneto, Michael Fassbender

As Cyclops, Aaron Johnson

As Beast (Maybe), Nicholas Hoult

As Mystique (Maybe), Amber Heard

So, sure, I left out maybe one or two people whom I didn’t know/who were in that Hannah Montana movie, but I hardly think that matters. I am so excited about this, I barely even care that Nicholas Hoult in no way physically resembles Hank McCoy/Beast before he got all blue and furry! Well, okay, I care a little. Thankfully, there is a rumor going around that the names of these roles might just be misdirection, so I can hold out hope that Hoult will actually be Ice Man or something more appropriate. The point is: I want to do this movie. And so should you.