Proposed Tanning Tax Proves Obama Hates White People, Things That Cause Cancer

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 Person In A Tanning Bed

A tax on tanning (beds, not just sitting outside) might find its way into the health care overhaul bill. Naturally, we should be outraged. There should be no taxes, ever. What would happen if this cancer-causing cosmetic luxury "raised funds to cover some of the cost of extending health coverage to the uninsured and to discourage a habit that scientific studies have linked with increased risk of cancer"? Our country would cease to be free.

Additionally, some Republicans interpret it (or just say it, because I have a hard time acceping that even they believe it) as further evidence that Obama is a reverse-racist. Why? Because only white people use tanning beds, and this taxes white people’s god-given right to look less white.

Wonkette weighs in:

Our president, who is privileged with beautiful brown skin, has oppressed the poor underprivileged pale people of our nation, who only want to get skin cancer and look like they work in the fields all day.

“I now know the pain of racism,” said some guy filling in for Glenn Beck on the radio. Obviously that guy is not good enough to be a real conservative radio host. Real conservative radio hosts have felt it many times from Obama. GROW YOURSELF AN IMAGINATION, GUY.

Via WaPo