Psychic Octopus And Psychic Parakeet In World Cup Show Down

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Yikes, I just had to write that headline. And you had to read it. Have you heard about Paul, the psychic octopus? He’s predicted every World Cup win so far! And he called Sunday’s game in Spain’s favor. He’s a video of Paul in action:

It should be noted that Paul, an octopus, has received death threats from German fans after predicting that Spain would win in the semi-final game. These people should be put in special rooms with locks on them.

Anyway, now Paul has some competition: Mani, the psychic parakeet. While they have agreed on everything so far, Paul and Mani have diverged on perhaps the most important outcome, as Mani has chosen the Netherlands to win the Cup. Here’s Mani:

Oh my God, guys. Which psychic animal is right?!?!?!!? I know lots of people are actually concerned by this question. I think I have a clue for them:


Enjoy the game on Sunday, everyone!