Scanner Highs And Lows: We Gruesome Broads

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Ke$ha covered in sperm, nude models parading through the streets, grown men crying over nature, feminists attacking that pro-feminist Jon Stewart program, and Russian spies swapped with American spies in a very public fashion… yeah, we don’t really know what to make of this bizarre week.

Must be the weather.



Don’t miss these outtakes from Nerve’s interview with that guy from the Jimmy Fallon show.

We need more guys like the crazy, crying lovable rainbow junkie.

It’s tempting to put this in the lows, but the idea of Gallagher "going crazy" (as if he wasn’t already) is endlessly amusing.

Let’s hope this trend continues so that it’ll soon burn out and then no one will care about Twilight anymore.

Most pop culture concepts that piss off uptight religious people, especially if they involve Playboy, are fine by us.

And by that same page, if nasty photos of annoying pop stars covered in semen somehow prevents them from releasing more radio singles, that’s also fine by us.



We’re still not sure what we think of this Russian airline ad which features scantily-clad "flight attendants" washing down a plane.

What do you do when you found out your ex-wife is a spy? Why, you leak her nude photos, of course.

Did Jezebel really have to go after "The Daily Show," which is 40% female and has way more women on its roster than almost any other comedy show?

Here’s one we never saw coming, even from wacky ol’ Vietnam: an acupuncturist helped get three convicted rapists released after apparently proving they were still virgins.

What a shame that Paraguay and Argentina are both out of the Cup… because of the naked woman cheerleaders, of course.

And is sexism always awful? "Mad Men" sure makes a case for it being really, really hot.